About Us

Instant Neighbour has been supporting people in Aberdeen City and Shire for the last 35 years.  We support people on low incomes to set up home, by providing access to low-cost reuse furniture, white goods, clothing and bric a brac.  We offer employability experiences through volunteering in our shops, warehouse, in our vans and in our office. Any profit made from the above go back into the organisation to support our Charitable work. 

To generate our income, we ask for good quality reuse items of furniture, white goods and clothing, which we sell at low cost in our shops.  We also have 2 social enterprises, Carpetinc Joinerinc, these services are available for all to use and are competitively priced, making them accessible to people on low incomes.

Instant Neighbour Food Bank logo

Instant Neighbour's Food Bank has provided emergency food parcels to individuals in serious need for over twenty years. Whenever someone requests a food parcel, we carry out a brief, informal assessment of their needs – what has brought them to us; why do they need a parcel? – and provide a food parcel containing tinned and non-perishable food to last several meals. We support those using the foodbank by sign posting them to relevant experts for help, this ranges from budgeting support to addiction support.


The Giving Tree logo

Instant Neighbour's Giving Tree has been running for 30 years. We work with social work departments, community projects, and other similar organisations across Aberdeen City and Shire as well as our own clients. Both Instant Neighbour and these organisations work with parents and families living in very difficult situations; many of these families are unable to afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children. The Giving Tree ensures that these children will not go without gifts at Christmas.

Each year, we receive the names of children, put these on a tag and display them in agreed locations around the city. Members of the public can chose a tag and purchase a gift for the child.  Instant Neighbour collects these and distributes them in time for Christmas.

We very much rely on the generosity of the public, in order for Instant Neighbour to offer real help today, hope for tomorrow.


We are Revolve Certified.

Revolve is a quality standard for second-hand stores in Scotland and is awarded to stores that meet high standards in safety,cleanliness and service, given shoppers that extra reassurance to shop second-hand first.